Funny Face 1957

Funny Face (1957)

Funny Face Maggie Prescott, a fashion magazine publisher and editor for Quality magazine, is on the lookout for the next fashion trend. She’s looking for an innovative style that is elegant and sophisticated. Dick Avery, a top fashion photographer, wants models who can think just as they appear. They brainstormed and came up with the idea of using a book store in Greenwich Village for as a backdrop.

Jo Stockton, a shy shop assistant and a sociologist by profession, is running “Embryo concepts” in which they discover the answers to the questions they have. Jo thinks the modeling and fashion industry is nonsense and describes it as ” chichi, and a naive way of expressing self-images and economics”. Maggie decides to go with Jo however after the initial shot Jo is locked out to prevent her from disrupting Maggie’s invasion of the shop. The shop is in chaos. Dick remains behind to tidy up. Then he kisses Jo in a flurry of. Jo dismisses him, but her song “How long has this been going on?” shows that she has a romantic itch. Funny Face HD

What Jo really wants is to travel to Paris and attend the famous Professor Emile Flostre’s lectures on philosophy and empathicalism. When Dick returns to the darkroom, he notices something in Jo’s face which is new and fresh and could be ideal for the campaign, giving it “character”, “spirit” and “intelligence”. Jo is taken to them, pretending that they are going to buy books from her shop. After Jo arrives, they attempt to get her to leave and then attempt to trim her hair. Jo is horrified and runs away, only to hide in the darkroom in which Dick is working. Jo is convinced by Dick to model for the magazine after the writer speaks of Paris. Dick sings “Funny Face”.

Soon, Maggie, Dick, and Jo are off to Paris to get ready for a major fashion event and shoot photos at the most famous landmarks of the region. Jo and Dick can fall in love during the shoots. ” He Loves and she loves”. Jo learns about Flostre’s lecture at a nearby cafe one evening while she’s preparing for a gala. In the end, Dick brings her back and they get into an argument at the gala’s opening. This resulted in Jo getting embarrassed in front of the crowd and Maggie angry.

Jo goes to Flostre’s house to speak to him. After some devious planning, Maggie and Dick gain access to the party. They make up a dance/song for Flostre’s followers and confront Jo and Flostre. This causes Dick creating Flostre to fall and fall and knock himself out. Jo demands they leave however, Flostre attempts to lure Jo when he turns around. She is shocked by the “idol” behaviour and slams a vase on his head. After that, she flees, just at the right time to attend the final fashion show. Maggie is trying to get in touch with Dick during her time in Paris. Jo observes Dick’s plane hovering above Paris from the window before her wedding gown finale. She runs off the runway crying after realizing that Dick refused to come back to her.

While this is happening, Dick is still at the airport. He meets Flostre and learns how Jo was threatening him. Realizing the extent to which Jo is concerned, Dick returns to the fashion show and discovers that Jo is not to be located. After Maggie asked Dick to apply the insight of empathy, Dick believes that Jo returns to the church where they’d taken her in a wedding gown and share their first romantic moment. On his arrival there himself, he finds Jo (in the wedding gown) near a small brook. They dance together in the duet ” ‘S Wonderful” and hug.