Training Day 2001

Training Day The ambitious Los Angeles Police Department Officer Jake Hoyt is promoted and assigned to Detective Alonzo an outstanding narcotics police officer for a one-day evaluation. The day begins by exploring Alonzo’s Monte Carlo and finding college students buying marijuana. They then conceal their marijuana. Alonzo places it in pipes and informs Jake to use the pipe. When Jake doesn’t agree, Alonzo threatens him at gunpoint, warning Jake that refusing to do such an act in public could result in him killed. Alonzo informs Jake that the pipe is laced with PCP.

Roger is an ex-cop who turned drug dealer and ex-cop, Jake observes two drug addicts attempting to sexually assault the girl. Jake is able to find her wallet, and takes it.

Then, Alonzo and Jake apprehend the person they identified as Blue who is discovered to be carrying crack rocks as well as an assault weapon loaded in the hands of Blue. Blue decides to tell Kevin “Sandman”, Miller about his employer rather than being sent to prison. With a fake search warrant Alonzo steals $40,000 from Sandman’s residence. Alonzo and Sara, the mistress of Alonzo, are with their son and their son, who is a toddler, at lunch. Alonzo is greeted by three corrupt, high-ranking police officers whom he names”the “Three Wise Men”. They inform Alonzo that the Russian mafia is looking for the payment of a huge debt and suggest that he quit the city. Alonzo claims he is in control of the situation and is willing to exchange $40,000 in exchange for an arrest warrant.

Alonzo, Jake and four other narcotics agents utilize the warrant to go back to Roger’s home and take $4million from the premises. Alonzo keeps his quarters. Jake and four other narcotics agents use the warrant to return to Roger’s house and seize $4 million from the property.

Then, later that night, Alonzo drives Jake to the home of the Sureno criminal dubbed “Smiley” to complete an errand. Jake is reluctantly playing poker with Smiley as well as his fellow band members as he waits for Alonzo. Smiley tells Alonzo’s story to them while they discuss: Alonzo must pay $1,000,000 to the Russians at midnight in order to be found guilty of murdering one of their men in Las Vegas or be executed himself. Believing that Alonzo abandoned him and paid Smiley to murder the man, Jake attempts to flee but is beaten and taken into the bathroom where he will be executed. A gang member is searching Jake for cash before they can execute him. Jake discovers the wallet of a teenager girl, who’s cousin is Smiley. After calling his cousin and confirming that Jake was the one who saved her from death, Smiley releases Jake out of gratitude.

Jake is back at Sara’s apartment to take charge of Alonzo at the same time Roger is about to leave to pay the Russians. Alonzo is taken down in the street following the chase and gunfight. The entire neighborhood is watching. Alonzo promises to pay for anyone who is killed by Jake but it’s not going to happen. Jake then takes the stolen moneyand plans to present the money as evidence in a criminal trial against Alonzo. The gang from the neighborhood permits Jake to leave safely. Alonzo is furious and is threatening to attack his gangmates, but the gang isn’t impressed and flees.

Alonzo escapes to seek his home LAX however he is killed and shot by the Russians.

Training Day (2001) ตำรวจระห่ำ…คดไม่เป็น

Training Day 2001